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Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center, Inc. provides the coordination of necessary services in a child-focused and child-friendly home-like setting.

Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center serves as the central hub for the collaboration of all investigative efforts of the Child Protective Investigative Team (CPIT) into alleged incidents of child abuse or neglect.

Following the investigative efforts, the child-victim and non-offending family members will have follow-up individualized therapy coordinated through Safe Harbor.

Services We Provide

Child Protective Investigation Team (CPIT)

As legislatively mandated by Tennessee State Statute, professionals working in the 4th Judicial District from the District Attorney’s Office, the Department of Children’s Services, the Juvenile Courts, law enforcement personnel, medical and mental health providers, and Safe Harbor CAC will work together to provide appropriate services to children and their non-offending caregivers in a unified effort. Safe Harbor CAC will help to coordinate the monthly CPIT meetings to review all reported cases of severe neglect, physical and sexual abuse in each county.

Forensic Interview

As a part of our role with the Child Protective Investigative Team and in keeping with the national CAC model, Safe Harbor CAC provides a state contracted forensic interviewer specially trained to interview each child regarding any alleged abuse that may have occurred. The purpose is to conduct an objective, unbiased interview in a safe and child-oriented setting.

Forensic Medical Examination

Safe Harbor CAC will contract with a team of specially trained medical professionals who will conduct examinations of children and assist in collecting pertinent case evidence and information. The medical personnel can also assist to insure continuing treatment of the child’s physical needs that may arise as a result of abuse.

Crisis Intervention and Counseling

Safe Harbor CAC offers both child victims and their non-offending parents or caregivers individual, family and/or group therapy within our child-friendly environment. Crisis intervention can also be provided when immediate support is needed. All of Safe Harbor CAC’s counseling services are made available free of charge to those we serve.

Advocacy and Court Support Program

Safe Harbor CAC is designed to support the non-offending parent or caregiver in cases of alleged abuse in such a manner that they are able to act responsibly to protect and support the child victim(s). Our advocates will provide consistent and professional emotional support, as well as assistance in finding needed resources.

Safe Harbor CAC will assist in reducing the uneasiness of being a witness in Court by offering a court support liaison to children and non- offending caregivers. The goal is to familiarize them with the courtroom, court personnel and the judicial process.

Community Outreach and Prevention Education

Safe Harbor CAC provides community outreach and prevention education (COPE), as well as in-depth training for area professionals about child abuse. We provide and/or conduct personal safety and awareness programs throughout the four county region. Community awareness programs are also available for presentation to churches, civic groups, and businesses in our district. If you live or work in Cocke, Grainger, Jefferson or Sevier counties, contact our COPE Coordinator, Renee Poole, to learn more.

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